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Finding information

Information to help you find books, articles and more to help you with your studies and research.

How to...

Find a specific print book or eBook
Find a print book on the shelf
Find a specific journal article
Find newspaper articles
Find information on a particular topic
Get more help with finding information
Plan your search
Get help with referencing

Library Search

Library Search can be used as a starting point for locating information for your assignments.  A variety of sources of information can be located quickly and easily.  This short video explains what it is and why you should use it when carrying out your research.


Databases are large collections of sources of information and are an essential and valuable resource for your studies.  This short video explains what a databases is and why it is useful to use one.

Academic sources

Your tutor will ask you to use academic sources for your assignments, which includes academic books and journal articles.

The following videos provide an overview of these types of academic sources.