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Box of Broadcasts (BoB)

More information and help with using BoB (Box of Broadcasts)

How to use BoB links in Moodle

To add a video, radio broadcast, clip or playlist to Moodle first pick where you want the link to appear. Switch on editing and then click on Add an activity or resource.

moodle screenshot

A box will appear to add a resource. Scroll down and select URL. Then click Add.

moodle screenshot

Here you can add a title, a brief description (this will not be viewable as user will be taken straight to the BoB video) and the BoB programme page URL. 

Use the WAYFless link from the Share  tab underneath the programme you wish to link to.

In the options box select New window under Display. This will make sure that the BoB page opens as a separate window, leaving Moodle open in the background. Or you can select Automatic if you want the video to open in the same web page.

moodle screenshot

Once this has been saved, your BoB link will appear in your Moodle area and is ready to use.

moodle screenshot

Please note: After following the link to BoB from a Moodle area, users will need to select Sign In, enter the name of their home institution, Manchester Metropolitan University and then enter their Manchester Met ID and password.