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About the digitisation service

This service is for teaching staff to request digitised material for course units, and reading lists, via the Library.


The Library's digitisation service is:

  • Free to all our academic staff
  • Allows the creation of a high-quality electronic copy of a key book chapter or journal article from a print resource (whilst remaining fully copyright compliant).
  • Scanned copy will be linked to from your Reading List

If you don't already have a reading list, we will automatically create one for you. More information on self-management of your reading lists.

The Library's online reading list software integrates with Moodle making it very easy for students to access recommended readingsWe strongly encourage academics to provide their Subject Librarian with a Reading List for all units. You can then indicate which chapters or articles are to be digitised. Once this is done, you would only have to fill out the form below for any further digitisation requests you may have during the academic year.

It's also possible to self-manage your Library Reading List/s - once you've had some brief training, there's a really simple way to request digitisations without having to use the form below - contact for guidance on how to Request a Digitisation from within your list. 

Use the form below to request a digitisation - for most requests, it's best to allow a minimum of seven working days from request to delivery.

Request a digitisation

Information on copying under the CLA Scanning Licence

Helping you avoid copyright infringements

Scanning under the CLA Licence is the safest and easiest way to provide information that is copyright protected to your students whilst remaining compliant. Our Digitisation Team will conduct all the necessary copyright checks to ensure that you are not breaking copyright law. As part of the service, we will insert it a link to the PDF into the reading list and you can link to it from within your Moodle unit area.

The benefits of the digitisation service to you and your students:

  • Equitable 24/7 access for your students to key reading material.
  • Embedding of material into your online reading list or Moodle area.
  • Students can access the material to download and print copies to bring to your seminars.
  • No copyright infringement. 
  • Each student may download and keep a copy of each digitisation whilst studying at Manchester Metropolitan University. 
  • We are able to copy 1 chapter or article OR up to 10% of a whole publication, whichever is the greater.

Useful links

  • CLA HE User Guidelines Recently updated to be more easily understood, the Guidelines give you an overview of the terms and conditions of the Licence (for both scanning and photocopying).
  • CLA HE Title Check Permissions tool If you want to check whether the Licence covers a particular book or journal for copying in the UK, you only need to insert the title (or ISBN/ISSN if you have it) for instant permissions information. Enter your title/ISBN into the white box inside the lime green ribbon & choose 'Higher Education' from the drop-down menu on the top left where it says 'Show results by licence sector'. Please remember that scanning/digital copying must only be carried out by the Library's Digitisation team. 
  • CLA HE Good Practice guide for coursepack creation - useful to read this before requesting digitisations.
  • Library Catalogue
  • Find it! eJournal search
  • Library Search and Home page.