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Entitlements to Library services

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If you are unsure which group you are part of email the Digital Library Services (DLS) team.

Library entitlements for online services

Due to licensing restrictions, many of the online services to which the Library subscribes cannot be made available to all of the Manchester Metropolitan University community, so our users are divided into user groups with different access rights.

  • It's important to realise that the Library does not allocate people to user groups, it's decided by information entered into other systems.
  • Users who think they are in the incorrect group should therefore be referred to the chief contact they have in their department or faculty. Library staff are unable to make any changes.

Where does the information come from?


  • Information is derived from Student Records.
  • Students are divided into two groups:
    • Full
    • External (students in partner colleges). For details of these students' entitlements please see the Visitors Libguide. 



  • Information is derived from the HR database, which only contains people who are on the payroll. If a user isn't in the HR database, they do not count as staff for these purposes.



  • Information is derived from the Guest system administered by ITS. However, who fits into which category is derived from other systems and policies.
  • Guests are divided into nine categories, though only three are in active use at present:
    • Associate academics (visiting and honorary academic staff). For details of these users' entitlements please see the Visitors Libguide. 
    • Staff in partner colleges (UK). For details of these users' entitlements please see the Visitors Libguide. 
    • Walk-in access (WIA) (small set of reusable IDs available only within the Library)
  • The WIA service is available to people who present themselves at the Library with the required documentation. Full details are available in our guide to the Walk-In Access service.

Who can access what?

  • Staff and Full students can access all our online services.
  • External students, Associate academics and Staff in partner colleges can access a substantial subset of our online resources, but not all. A current list for a given user can be provided on request by Library staff. For more details, please see the Visitors libguide.  
  • All other user groups can only access a very small number of online resources, so they are advised to use WIA as that provides a much wider range of services.