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Will depositing my data be enough to comply with open access requirements?

No. Depositing your data will ensure that you are compliant with your funder's data policy, but it will not automatically make your work compliant with open access requirements.

To find out how to make your publications open access, see the Open Access LibGuide.

Do I need to include a data access statement on my publications?

You are strongly advised to include a data availability statement on all publications.

Your data availability statement should specify the name of the public repository in which your data are stored and should give the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) of the relevant dataset.

For datasets that are embargoed to allow researchers exclusive first use of their results, the data access statement should include details of the embargo period.

If there are legitimate legal or ethical reasons why you cannot share your data, these should be included in your data statement, along with any conditions that must be met in order to grant access to your data.

If you did not create any new data within your research project, but instead used datasets made available by other researchers, you should credit the source appropriately within your data access statement.

Some example data availability statements can be found below.

  • "All data created during this research are openly available from Manchester Metropolitan University’s data archive, e-space, at [INSET DOI HERE]”
  • "Supporting data will be available from Manchester Metropolitan University’s data archive, e-space, at [INSERT DOI HERE] after a 12 month embargo period from the date of data collection to allow for the publication of research findings."
  • “Owing to ethical concerns/the sensitive nature of this research, the data underlying this publication cannot be made openly available. Further information, including conditions for access, can be found at Manchester Metropolitan University’s data archive, e-space: [INSERT DOI HERE]”
  • “No new data were created throughout this project.”
  • “This study was a re-analysis of existing data that are publicly available from [GIVE REPOSITORY NAME] at [INSERT DOI].”