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Research data management

Where can I find information about my funder's requirements?

Information about your funder’s requirements can be found within this LibGuide. If you are unsure about what your funder expects of you, contact Research Support Librarians for more information.

My funder requires me to store my data in a specific repository. Do I also need to store my data on e-space?

Some funders require their grant holders to deposit their research data into a specific repository (e.g. NERC grant holders must deposit their data into a recognised NERC Data Centre; ESRC grant holders should normally deposit their data with the UK Data Service). Other funders simply ask that your data is deposited with a responsible repository.

Researchers storing data in discipline-specific or national repositories are encouraged to store a duplicate of their data in e-space to aid discoverability. For help doing this contact Research Support Librarians .

Researchers who choose not to store a duplicate of their data in Manchester Metropolitan University’s data repository should, as a minimum, provide a full metadata record for their research data, including details of the item’s Digital Object Identifier (DOI) and where the data can be accessed online.

My research is not externally funded, do I need to do anything?

Yes, the University’s policy on Research Data Management applies to all research projects, whether or not they are externally funded.

This is because the benefits of open scholarship are equally applicable to all research projects, regardless of who is funding the research.