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Research data management

My research is not externally funded - do I need to do anything?

Yes, the University’s policy on Research Data Management applies to all research projects, whether or not they are externally funded.

This is because the benefits of open scholarship are equally applicable to all research projects, regardless of who is funding the research.

I work with sensitive data and don't think I can share it - what do I do?

Most data can be legally and ethically shared if planned from the beginning of your project, for example by ensuring informed consent includes making provisions for data sharing; any personal identifiers are removed and data is fully anonymised before sharing; considering how access to sensitive data can be adequately controlled.

If you feel there are legitimate reasons why your data cannot be shared, this must be addressed in your Data Management Plan.

A metadata record, which outlines the kind of data you have generated and your collection methods, must still be deposited in e-space.