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What is a Data Management Plan

Data Management Plan

A Data Management Plan (DMP) is a formal document describing how you plan to manage the data throughout the research project.

A DMP is usually produced at the planning stage of research projects and are useful for all funded and unfunded projects.

A DMP should show that you are considering:

  • What kinds of data will be created
  • What collection methods will be used
  • The ethical and legal issues surrounding the data
  • Plans for sharing and access to the data including restrictions
  • How the data will be stored

A DMP should be simple and does not have to be more than 1-2 pages. Keep in mind that a DMP is a living document and will change throughout the research project.

Create a DMP

If your project is funded, your funder will have a set of criteria they expect you to address in your DMP. See our guide on funder requirements.

The Data Curation Centre (DCC) also provides a Checklist for a Data Management Plans giving you an overview of issues you may want to consider.

Your Faculty Research Development Manager can advise you on what to include within your Data Management Plan.