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Research data management

Collecting data

Data collection can consist of reusing existing data or generating new data.


Secondary data analysis

Secondary analysis is the reuse of existing data. It can save you time as well as resources since you do not need to collect the data yourself. It also provides an opportunity to use the data for new purposes or even collaborate with other researchers. Secondary data analysis can be performed on quantitative and qualitative data.

Many governments, institutions, and public bodies provide open data that are available to be reused.

You can find a list of selected open data databases on our Find Open Data guide.


Data collection tools

There are a wide range of tools used for generating and collecting quantitative and qualitative data. The important thing to consider when choosing a tool is that it allows you to manage the data in accordance with best practice. Tools should

  • create data in formats and software suitable for long-term usability
  • adhere to data protection legislation
  • ensure the data is stored securely


Survey Tools

Because surveys can collect personal or potentially sensitive data, it is important that they adhere to data protection legislation.

The university recommends several tools for surveys and questionnaires including

  • Microsoft Forms
  • Qualtrics
  • Survey Monkey

More guidance for using survey tools can be found on the University's intranet page here.

To receive a Qualtrics license, you will need to submit a request to ISDS via the Self Service form.