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Research data management

Research Data Management

Research Data Management (RDM) refers to all aspects of handling data during and after a research project.

Manchester Metropolitan University recognises the importance of Research Data Management as a part of good research practice in ensuring high standards of research integrity and excellence.

This guide will introduce you to various aspects of research data planning and management that will be beneficial for you, as well as the University and the wider research community.

Support for Research Data Management is provided by the University Library. If you have any questions, the Research Support Librarians can help you. Contact us at


What are research data?

Research data is any material collected, observed, or created that validate original research results.

It can be physical or digital and can come in a variety of formats including text, tabular, geospacial, audio, visual, code, etc.


Why manage research data?

Good data management:

  • Makes data findable and accessible
  • Makes your work more efficient
  • Saves you time
  • Reduces the risk of data loss
  • Increases transparency
  • Facilitates reuse and sharing
  • Promotes reproducibility

Steps to good RDM

Plan for your research data management

Before your project, consider how you will manage and handle the data you are creating.

Organise and document your data

During your project, be consistent in managing your data so that you will be able to find, access, and understand it throughout the research project and after it has finished.

Store your data securely

During your project, regularly make copies and backups of your files. Ensure that your data is stored safely and handled in the most appropriate way.

  • Find the most suitable storage solution for your live data
  • Make copies and backups
  • Understand data security and issues surrounding sensitive data
Share your data

At the end of your project, make sure you are meeting policy requirements, as well as ensuring your data is accessible and reusable by depositing it appropriately.

Other support

Research Data Management involves many aspects, some of which may require specialist support such as for ethical guidance, legal aspects like data protection, technologies and solutions for data storage, etc.

Support for these issues at Manchester Metropolitan University can be found with: