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Plays in Manchester Metropolitan Library collections

Search for plays by title or playwrights by name, using the Advanced Search option in Library Search to limit your results to items in the library catalogue

This will help you:

  • find plays in anthologies as well as those published separately. 
  • find DVDs and streamed TV recordings to watch online

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Shelf mark list for plays

Find plays in A-Z order by playwright at each number below, e.g. all Pinter's plays are together at 822.914/PIN.

Find books about the plays in A-Z order after the plays themselves, e.g. Martin Esslin's books about Pinter's works are together at 822.914/PIN/ESS. 

American Plays   812.54

British Plays

  • 18th century   822.6
  • 19th century   822.8
  • 20th century before 1945  822.912
  • 20th century after 1945  822.914
  • 21st century  822.92
  • Restoration theatre 822.408
  • Shakespeare   822.33

European plays translated to English

  • Bertolt Brecht   832.912BRE
  • Samuel Beckett  842.914BEC
  • Luigi Pirandello 852.912PIR
  • Dario Fo  852.914FO
  • Garcia Lorca 862.2GAR

Historical plays online

Browse by playwright or search by title of the play to see digital copies of original publications from the late 15th century to the 19th century.

Other sources of plays online