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Open access

A guide to open access at Manchester Metropolitan University.

A definition of green open access

Green open access means making material open access in a repository

A few important points to make about green open access:

  • Open access repositories do not usually carry out peer-review themselves
  • Material made available in a repository is often made available via other means too
    • For example, articles are typically published in a journal as well
  • If a journal article is made available via green open access, this is subject to the conditions applied by the journal or its publisher
    • Some allow author-final copies to be made available, some allow other forms of the article to be made available, some allow no form of the article to be made available
    • Some impose embargo periods on green open access deposits
    • Repositories can store content from open access journals, traditionally-published journals, hybrid journals and other sources too

You can find out whether a journal or publisher supports green open access and see how to deposit your work in e-space, Manchester Metropolitan University's institutional repository, by following guidance on the e-space homepage.