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Open Access

A guide to open access at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Version of article

Your publisher and funder will only permit specific versions of your articles to be archived in e-space. There are three main versions of an article:

  • Pre-print is a draft version that has not been peer reviewed or accepted for publication.
  • Author accepted manuscript (also known as post-print and AAM) is the version after peer review and final corrections made but before publisher copyediting and typesetting. 
  • Final published manuscript is the version as it appears in the journal. This is usually permitted for gold open access. 

For green open access most publishers only permit the author accepted manuscript. For gold open access you are usually permitted to deposit the final published manuscript.

Embargo period

For green open access the publisher may stipulate an embargo period. This means that the full text cannot be viewed or downloaded until the embargo period has ended. The maximum permitted embargo is 12 months (panels A and B) or 24 months (panels C and D). Articles under embargo are eligible for REF submission, provided they meet the requirements of the policy.  Please note that the e-space team will add the embargo for you.