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MHRA referencing

Why reference?

The purpose of referencing is to enable others to find the information that you have used in your assignment. 

You MUST cite and reference all the information that you have used in the main text of your assignment.  It is important to acknowledge the work of others if you have referred to it in your assignments; if you do not, you will be accused of plagiarism.


Plagiarism is a failure to acknowledge another person's work or idea and claiming this idea as your own. This is a serious offence.

MHRA style

The MHRA style of referencing is used in the departments of English, History and Philosophy

MHRA stands for Modern Research Humanities Association and the departments above use the footnote and bibliography version of MHRA rather than the MHRA Author-Date style. The MHRA Style Guide is available online and in print.

In the footnotes, author names should be forename followed by surname, eg Sybil Wolfram. In the bibliography, the author names are ordered alphabetically by surname, eg Wolfram, Sybil.  

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MHRA Quick Guide

This Quick Guide summarises the main features to be noted by anyone following the MHRA style.

Queen’s Belfast Referencing Guide: Cite to Write

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