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Logging in to Library services

Our login system, FAQ and troubleshooting guide.

Logging in to our services

The Library has invested a lot of time and effort into making using our online services and resources as straightforward as possible to support your learning.

Most of our services use a single sign-on system, so once you've logged in during a browser session you won't usually need to log in again, unless you are logged in for a prolonged period.

This guide gives details of how to log in to our various systems, but it's important to remember that most of the time things should be pretty seamless!

The main thing to remember...

... is that to avoid problems, always start from one of the following places:

  • Library search
  • A link on the Library web site
  • A link from a reading list
  • A link from the Library catalogue
  • A link from Moodle
  • The Find it! ejournal list
  • The Find it! citation linker

This should mean that you will be using one of the Library's special URLs which take you through the login mechanism properly.

Starting from a Google search or similar third-party starting point may well lead to problems, more complex login methods etc.

Use of online resources

Academic computing icon Library Services' online resources are provided for academic use only, to help students and staff with their academic work.

They must not be used for any commercial purpose, nor may you share your login credentials (username and password) with anyone else for any purpose.