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Celebrating Diversity

A page that celebrates the diversity of library collections, covering different individuals, communities and groups.


This guide showcases and signposts the Library's wealth of collections featuring authors, writers and content relating to the many different and diverse communities and identities across the University and beyond. 

It is by no means an exhaustive collection, but a sample or taster of the kinds of materials the Library holds. It's purpose is to shine a light on the library's collections, initiate conversation and collaboration, and encourage your engagement with us.

It currently focuses on LGBTQ+ and BAME materials and collections, with the view to broaden this out to cover other areas and groups, such as differently abled persons, faith and religion, age, family and gender. We welcome your input.

We recognise that everyone is unique and different and has many identities, belonging or not to many different groups and communities. So whilst we have divided our collections into desecrate catagories, this is simply for ease of access and navigation, and in no way an attempt to pigeonhole individuals or ideas. Our categories simply help you to work through our different collections.

We actively welcome any suggestions for additions to library stock in areas you believe we could be better represented. Please get in touch with us with your suggestions by emailing