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Find it!

A guide to Manchester Metropolitan University Library's Find it! service

Find it!

Find it! is a library service that makes it easier for you to access full-text online resources. If online full text is unavailable, Find it! will provide you with links to other ways of accessing the resource.

Find it! and online databases

When you are searching the Library Service's online databases you may see Find it! buttons next to your search results. Most Find it! buttons look like this:

Find It! button

Some databases use different versions of this button, or perhaps a text link, eg Find it at MMU Library.

By clicking on the Find it! button or link, one of three things will happen:

  1. If we have only one source for the full text, you may go straight through to it.
  2. If we have more than one source for the full text, you may see a menu page with a main link, plus alternative links.You may prefer to use an alternative if, for example, you are more familiar with an alternative database.
  3. If we don't have access to the full text electronically, the menu will direct you to other possible ways of accessing the resource.