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ScienceDirect EndNote instructions

These instructions will take you through the basic steps of transferring references into Desktop EndNote/EndNote Online. If you have any problems transferring information then please contact the Library.

NB The following instructions will work if you are using a browser such as Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox and have installed the Cite While You Write toolbar in Word.

Please note you can only download one result at a time from the basic search screen. If you want to download multiple citations, then first click on Advanced Search

  • First select advanced search 
  • Run a search
  • Select the record/s you want to transfer.
  • Click the drop down arrow next to Export 
  • A new box will appear, click on Export.
  • Depending on your browser, either double click on the download file near the bottom of your page (Chrome), click Open (Internet Explorer), or select Open With, then OK (Firefox).
  • A box will open select either EndNote or EndNote Online. If you have selected EndNote Online, you may be asked to confirm your EndNote Online account details. Enter and click OK. 
  • A confirmation message will appear confirming the transfer has been successful.

NB Please note if you use the basic search option, you will only be able to export one reference at a time.

If this does not work, then it is still possible to transfer information, see alternative method importing references below.

Importing references into EndNote

Browsers such as Safari and Microsoft Edge do not currently support direct export; however, references can still be transferred.

  • Use the steps above and when asked if you wish to save or open this file, select Save.
  • Save it to a place where you can easily retrieve it later and click Save.

EndNote Online

  • Login to EndNote Online, select the Collect tab and click on Import References.
  • In the File field, click on Browse and locate the file, which you have just saved. 
  • Use the drop-down menu in the Import Option field to locate and select the RefMan RIS import filter. 
  • Either select the specific group you want to import the files to and then click Import or simply click on Import and the records will be transferred automatically into the 'Unfiled' group.

EndNote Desktop

  • ‚ÄčOpen your EndNote Library, select File, then Import, and File.
  • Next to Import File click Choose and locate the file, which you have just saved and click Open.
  • Next click on the drop down menu next to Import Option and choose Reference Manager RIS.
  • Click Import
  • Your references will appear in EndNote.