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Policies and guidelines

Filming and photography within the Library

Anyone wishing to film or take photographs within the Library is required to seek permission.

As the Library is a study space for use by all staff and students, it is important that filming/photography activities do not impede quiet or silent study or cause any disruption to others using the Library. Whilst the Library will try to accommodate such requests wherever possible, some requests may be refused or modified to meet with the conditions described below.


Filming/photography should take place only during non-peak study times (early mornings between 9:00am - 10:00am; not too close to or during exam times) and always during fully staffed opening hours 9:00am - 7:00pm. 


Filming/photography should only take place away from quiet and silent study areas. It must not be done in any of the stairwells or block any fire exits. This is for health and safety reasons as stairwells and fire exits must be kept clear at all times in the event of an emergency evacuation.


Crews may come in ahead of time to quietly scout out the area and plan their shoot. During the shoot, crews should be small, unobtrusive, and relatively quiet. If the filming/photography involves a lot of equipment, a risk assessment should be carried out by the person/people undertaking the work and the Duty Manager concerned will check that the set-up is safe (e.g. no trailing wires or obvious H&S concerns).

Library Property

Film crews must respect Library property, and not move, rearrange or remove any materials, furniture, equipment etc. without specific permission to do so.

Please provide the following information:

  • Date and time of the proposed shoot
  • Exact location of the proposed shoot within the Library
  • Number of people involved
  • Nature of the shoot - if anyone is to be captured in the film/photograph, the filmmaker/photographer needs to arrange for permission forms to be completed by those being captured/filmed in advance of the shoot. Permission forms can be obtained from your tutor.
  • Reason for the shoot


Filming and photography requests can be considered and approved as follows:

  • All Saints Library – by the Duty Manager via the Help desk or ext. 1247
  • Email requests to

Normally we will require at least 24 hours notice to consider any request for filming or photography.  This allows us to plan ahead to accommodate the needs of our students.

Please note that the Library does not commit to organising or arranging filming or photography, it simply acts as a venue for it to take place in. 

The University’s Data Protection Policy 

Last reviewed: December 2018

Date of next review: December 2021