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How we monitor performance and respond to customer feedback

The Library achieved the Customer Service Excellence (CSE) award in 2008, and is reassessed against the CSE standard on an annual basis. As part of the CSE process, we gather feedback from our customers in a variety of ways:

Individual comments

  • Feedback from individuals submitting via the Library web site or Library Catalogue or email
  • Feedback at Programme Committees via the student reps
  • Feedback on library issues via Twitter
  • Feedback via comments and complaints forms

Comments on particular themes

  • Issues picked up from the Internal student survey
  • Issues picked up from the National surveys, eg NSS
  • Feedback from straw polls or mini surveys on a particular subject
  • Feedback on library teaching, the welcome campaign, InfoSkills etc

All issues are fed into library planning to improve the service.

We now feed back to customers on an annual basis, via the Library web site and notice boards in each site library.