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Learning and working together in the Library.

Library service standards

Overall library service & satisfaction

How we measure it

Overall satisfaction
We aim for 90% of our customers to rate their overall experience of the library positively.

Question on the Library's InfoSkills online evaluation form "How would you rate your overall experience of using the Library? (10 = Excellent 1 = Poor) Please answer this question in relation to your overall experience of the Library Service, rather than the recent session you have attended."

We will meet or exceed the sector-wide satisfaction rate of 87%* for Q19 in the National Student Survey (NSS) "The library resources (e.g. books, online services and learning spaces) have supported my learning well"
*2018 latest data available

NSS: Headline results made available in August each year

Professional Services Quality Survey (PSQS)

We will achieve at least an 90% overall satisfaction rate in the annual staff Professional Services Quality Survey

Professional Services Quality Survey. Results made available in November

Access to resources

How we measure it

Library expenditure
We will spend a minimum of 35% of our annual library budget on information resources.

Library annual report to SCONUL

Library Search
Library Search (our main search engine to find resources) will be available 99% of the time.

Any dips in service are recorded by our Digital Library Services team

Electronic resources
Access to online resources via Manchester Metropolitan's authentication systems will be available 99% of the time.

Any dips in service are recorded by our Digital Library Services team

Availability of books
We will re-shelve 95% of all returned books and books left on desks within 24 hours.

Termly monitoring sample by our Library Shelving team

Reserved items
Reserved items will be available for collection within 24 hours of being returned to the Library.

Statistics provided by our Digital Library Services team

New electronic books
95% of all new ebooks ordered will be available in the catalogue within 3 working days of the order being placed with our supplier.

Each month our Library Acquisitions team will carry out a random spot check on a small selection of orders

New print material
95% of all new print books ordered will be available on the catalogue and shelves within 21 working days  of the order being placed with our supplier.

An annual ‘Decisions’ report will be run by our Library Finance and Acquisitions team to monitor this.

Digitisation requests
We will satisfy 95% of all digitisation requests from academic staff within seven working days of the team receiving the request, providing a print copy is already in stock and/or not out on loan.

Each month a spot check will take place on a small number of random digitisation requests by our Library Acquisitions & Finance team

Inter-library loans
We will process 100% of inter-library-loan requests within one working day of receipt.

Measures provided by our Library Customer Services team

Access to help and support

 How we measure it

Library staff
We develop and maintain a skilled, friendly and responsive staff, who are committed to helping you get the best from your library service.

Welcome Session evaluations

Annual Library Staff Training & Development report

Help desk
The help desk will be open 100% of our advertised staffed service hours.

Any unplanned closures are recorded by our Library Customer Services team

Live chat
We aim for at least 85% of customers using live chat to rate our service as good or excellent.

Chat statistics provided by our Digital Library Services team


Access to help
We will respond to 95% of all enquiries to within one working day.

LibAnswers statistics provided by our Digital Library Services team

Quality of InfoSkills teaching
We aim for 90% of students who attend a Library Infoskills session to think it will be beneficial to their learning.

Question on the InfoSkills evaluation form Do you think this will be beneficial to your learning?" collated by the Library InfoSkills team.

Access to facilities

 How we measure it

Opening hours
The Library will be open 99% of our advertised opening hours.

Any unplanned closures are recorded by our Library Customer Services team

Items submitted to the review area of e-space (the institutional repository) subject to funder Open Access mandates will be dealt with within 5 days of receipt. Etheses, supplied in the correct format, will normally be made available within two weeks of receipt.

Data provided by our Library Research Support team

Study Spaces
We will provide a minimum of 1 library study space to every 16 FTE students.

 Library annual report to SCONUL


We will provide computers in at least 20% of our library study seats.

Library annual report to SCONUL