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Library Services Mission

The Library's Mission is:

  • To aim for excellence in the provision of services in support of learning, teaching, scholarship and research;
  • To be accessible and responsive to student and staff needs by proactively trying to understand and anticipate requirements;
  • To contribute to ensuring that the overall student experience is of the highest quality;
  • To develop networks of external links with other educational institutions and the wider community.

More specifically...

... we will ensure that we meet the information needs of our University community as follows:

  1. Provide and continually develop a range of services in anticipation of and in response to our University community's needs;
  2. Develop and maintain a skilled, friendly and responsive staff;
  3. Optimise opening hours, access and accessibility with due regard to demand, resources and security;
  4. Manage and develop collections to enhance the teaching and research within the University community and beyond (where appropriate);
  5. Equip users with essential information skills to allow them to exploit a wide range of resources in support of their present learning needs and to enhance employability;
  6. Actively promote library services to ensure that benefit to the University community (and beyond, as appropriate) is maximised;
  7. Liaise effectively with all sections of our University community, providing support for University and faculty strategic plans;
  8. Provide a welcoming, modern environment appropriate to a range of learning styles and requirements;
  9. Actively monitor and review service provision on a regular basis, seeking feedback to inform further development;
  10. Continuously develop and improve efficiency in all aspects of management;
  11. Play an active part in developing local, regional and national networks and schemes for meeting the information needs of our own and the wider community.