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External students are students enrolled for a Manchester Metropolitan University award at one of our partner institutions.

Your home institution is responsible for meeting the majority of your library/information requirements. However, in order to help you to access a wider range of materials for background reading, you can also visit either/both of the Manchester Metropolitan University Library Services libraries, or use some of our online resources remotely. Unfortunately, we cannot offer access to all of our resources due to the licensing restrictions of the suppliers.

The information in this guide applies only to external students as defined above.

If you are any other kind of visitor you should read our information for visitors.

What can I access?

Physical resources: 

You may also borrow up to 4 items (2 week loan items only).  

You are also entitled to reference access to any further physical resources (i.e. resources that can only be used within the library but not borrowed or taken elsewhere).

We regret that we are unable to offer use of the inter-library loan service.

Further information can be found on the Borrowing and returning items page of the Library's website.

Online resources: 

Once enrolled for a Manchester Metropolitan University award, access to online resources automatically follows. The login gives access to various online resources that are available on- and off- campus. These include ebooks, ejournals and research databases. Owing to licensing restrictions, we regret that we are unable to facilitate access to all subscribed online resources. If denied access to any online material, it is most probably for online content that is not licensed for external use.

If you experience difficulty accessing online resources or have any questions, please consult your institution’s librarian who will liaise with us on your behalf.

Remote access to online resources is available 24 hours a day and on-campus during Library opening times.

External students are also entitled to Walk in Access (WIA) to online resources for those visiting the Manchester Metropolitan University Library in person. Please ensure you read the Walk in Access Guide and you have the right ID when you visit. Walk-in Access grants access to a slightly wider range of online resources. Online resources available to walk-in access users are accessible via all networked PCs in the Library (excluding catalogue terminals) using a temporary login. Users need to register at the Helpdesk in person for this service each time they wish to use it.

Here is a list of online services available via the Walk In Access service

For help getting started with online resources, see our video introduction to Library Search, which is our first port of call for finding online resources, and our general guide to using our online services.

When can I visit?

Once you have received your ID card, you will be able to swipe into the library during any of our opening hours.

Check our opening times before you visit.

How do I join?

External students are automatically granted access to library resources. There is no need to register.