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Any person employed through an agency, working as a temporary staff member or as an independent contractor at Manchester Metropolitan University.

What can I access?

Physical resources: 

Agency staff, temporary staff and contractors are entitled to reference access to physical resources (ie resources can be used within the library but not borrowed or taken elsewhere). 

Electronic resources: 

Agency staff, temporary staff and contractors are entitled to Walk In Access (WIA) to electronic resources. WIA gives visitors access to a limited range of Manchester Met Library Services' online services (also known as electronic resources) where licences permit. Library Services' online services include ebooks, ejournals and research databases. Users may consult ejournals, ebooks and databases available to walk-in access users via any PC in the Library (apart from the catalogues) using a temporary login. Users need to register for this service each time they want to use it.

Here is a list of online services available via the Walk In Access service

If you experience any trouble accessing electronic resources or have any questions, get in touch using the Contact us section on this page. A current list of the electronic resources available to you can be provided on request.

For help getting started with online resources, see our video introduction to Library Search, which is our first port of call for finding online resources, and our general guide to using our online services.

Please note: access to Microsoft applications eg Word, Powerpoint, Excel is not available.

When can I access?

Agency staff, temporary staff and contractors are entitled to Walk In Access (WIA) to the Library. This service is only available when you would be usually able to sign in as a visitor.  In term time this is during help desk-staffed hours for most visitors and during weekends for members of the public.  Please note that access will be restricted during our exam periods every year

How do I join?

Physical resources:

Reference access to physical resources is granted upon production of valid agency staff/temporary staff/contractor ID. Agency staff/temporary staff/contractor will need to register for access to electronic resources via the walk in access scheme

Electronic resources:

Agency staff, temporary staff and contractors must sign in and register for WIA each time they wish to use the service and provide two sets of ID including photo and proof of address. You will be asked to complete a registration form. By registering as a walk-in user, you indicate an agreement to comply with the acceptable use policy.