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Evaluating sources of information

Library resources to help you evaluate information for your research and assignments.

Digital identity online courses

FutureLearn is an online education provider of a diverse selection of high quality courses from leading universities and cultural institutions from around the world. Manchester Metropolitan has also recently partnered with FutureLearn.

Many courses are offered around the topic of digital identity and citizenship, covering areas related to evaluating information online, social media, filter bubbles, personalisation and much more.  Here are a selection:

Becoming a digital citizen: an introduction to the digital society - become a more informed digital citizen and engage in debate about what is appropriate in the modern world of social media

Learning online: managing your identity - reflect on how you want to present yourself online and take positive steps towards these goals.

Learning in a networked age - What does it mean to learn in a networked world? Find out, and discover how to make use of your own personal learning network.

Digital wellbeing - do digital technologies affect our wellbeing? Explore the concepts of health, relationships and society in the digital age.

The power of social media - explore the impact of social media on the world and learn how to put it to good use in everyday life.