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Royal Society of Chemistry referencing

Links to more information about the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) referencing style.

Why reference?

The purpose of referencing is to enable others to find the information that you have used in your assignment. 

You MUST cite and reference all the information that you have used in the main text of your assignment.  It is important to acknowledge the work of others if you have referred to it in your assignments; if you do not, you will be accused of plagiarism.


Plagiarism is a failure to acknowledge another person's work or idea and claiming this idea as your own. This is a serious offence.

The RSC referencing style

Students in the Chemistry Undergraduate Network within the Division of Chemistry & Environmental Science must use the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) referencing style.

You can find guidance on How to reference using the Royal Society of Chemistry style on the RSC website. 

You can also use Endnote referencing management software to help format your references in the RSC style.

Please consult your tutor for further information on RSC referencing.

Referencing tools

EndNote can help you:

  • Create a database of references
  • Automatically cite and reference books, journals and other sources in your assignments

Find out more with our EndNote guide

If you are using a referencing management software other than Endnote to help with formatting your references, please ensure you check your references against the examples provided in the MMU Harvard guide.

You can see a demonstration of Endnote with RSC referencing in this Adobe Connect Recording.

Video guide: RSC referencing

Video guide: avoiding plagiarism