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Research data management

Store data securely

The best thing you can do for yourself is to plan for the storage and safe keeping of your data. This will prevent accidental loss and unauthorised manipulation of your data and will save you time, money, and many headaches.


Where do I store my data?

Students and staff have access to OneDrive. Files can be shared with others in the University as well as external collaborators.

For research projects, the University provides a secure and centally managed Research Data Storage RDS system. To request data storage, see the Research Data Storage intranet pages.

For other projects, research staff have access to DropBox for Business which will allow you to securly store data and share it with external collaborators.

You can deposit your data with:

Contact the Library at if you have any questions about preserving data or choosing a repository.

At the end of your project, you will need to evaluate which data can be retained and which data should be disposed of.

The University requires you to keep data for 10 years after the end of the project and expects valuable data be deposited in a trusted repository.

Data that should be deposited:

  • Have legal or contractual reasons to be preserved e.g. research funder policy
  • Are unique
  • Cannot be easily reproduced
  • Are scientifically, socially, or culturally significant
  • Are of interest to others or has a high reuse potential
  • Substantiates research publications and findings

Personal and sensitive data

Personal data is especially sensitive and its safeguarding is dictated by legislation. Manchester Metropolitan University is responsible for complying with data protection legislation whenever personal data is processed. The University has a Data Protection Policy setting out our compliance statement. The RDS system is secure for handling this type of data.


The Library provides more guidance on Managing Sensitive Data during and after your project.



For IT support such as encryption, see Information Systems and Digital Services (ISDS) pages for information security.

You can also find information on securely transfering files at the UK Data Service webpages on Data Security