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Reading lists for staff

Providing resource lists online for the courses you teach.

The role of the Library in programme approval, review and amendment

Part A - Approval in Principle

When preparing an Approval in Principle Request (AiP) it is recommended you consult your subject librarian over the proposal to ensure there are no major library resource implications. If there are likely to be significant resource implications the Library Services Manager for your Faculty will attend the Faculty Approval Panel event to provide advice and feedback. 

Part B - Curriculum Development

Once the unit specification templates are available you should liaise with your subject librarian over the creation of your reading list.  

Creating a resource list for a new unit

Once the Unit Specification has been generated, you should contact your subject librarian providing the details of the unit code and title. The subject librarian will get the new list created on the resource list management system and notify you when it is available. You can then enter your reading list information directly into the resource list management system, which will automatically feed into the unit specification. Library staff can enter the items into the resource list management system on your behalf if you prefer. Early consultation with the Library over the selection of items for this list is strongly advised.

Part C - Programme Enhancement & Approval Review

Updating resource lists

Whenever you wish to update your resource list please consult your subject librarian and once the revisions have been agreed, the list can be updated on the resource list system. No further amendments need to be made to the Unit Specification System, as the URL is unchanged.

If the unit is going through a minor/major mod and the resource list will be different for next academic year but not for current students, a new instance of the resource list for next academic year can be created. Thus, the new lists are available for the PARM event but the existing list will still be displayed in Moodle for current students.

Units where no reading list is required

It is recognised that there are some units were a reading list is not required eg dissertation unit, placements. In these instances we recommend that you liaise with your subject librarian about linking to alternative resources such as your subject guide, Library Search or relevant videos.  

Access to reading lists for PEAR events

The online resource lists can be viewed by anyone with internet access: they do not need a username and password.

Creating and editing your own reading lists

Library staff offer training in using the library reading list system to academic staff so that you can create and maintain your own lists. For more information please see