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Reading lists for staff

Providing resource lists online for the courses you teach.

New List Edit - video demo

Adding a resource

The options to edit your list should appear as you scroll down your list and include ‘Add resource’, ‘Add paragraph’, ‘Add section’.

Items to Purchase section of a student reading list.

Select ‘Add resource’ and the list of your bookmarked items appear with the most recent first. Click on the title to select the item you wish to add to your list:

Recently Bookmarked tab from a student reading list

Removing a resource

Click on the 3 dashes to the right of a resource to see options to delete the item from that list.  Don't forget to publish the changes. Please note, although the item has been deleted from your list, it is still in your bookmarks ready to add to other lists.


Options list for a resource

Setting importance

It is important that students are given clear guidance as to the importance of a resource in a reading list. Once you have added an item to your list, you will be prompted to set the importance using the options from the drop down menu.  Select the appropriate importance level.

Set importance options.

Adding notes

Click the 3 dashes, to the right of one of your newly added resource. 

Select ‘Note for students’ and enter any notes for students for example, ‘read the introduction’ or ‘read this because…’ 

Select ‘Notes for library’ if you wish to enter any notes for the Library, for example, order more copies, digitise chapter 3, check for ebook.  Notes for the Library will not be visible to students. You will need to request a review for library staff to be able to review notes for the library (see step 4. Reviewing and publishing).

Adding sections

Add a new section, by selecting ‘Add section’ from the  options you see as you scroll through your list.  You will then be prompted to give the section a name and save.

View off 'Add Section' option.

Moving sections

Click on the 3 dashes to the right of a section to see options to move a section either up or down the list.There is also an option to cut and paste a section into different area of the list.

Please note that individual items can be moved within the list in the same way.

"Add Section" options view.