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Reading list guide for students

Giving students quick and easy access to resources recommended by lecturers


Click on ‘Table of contents’  to see the section headings used in the list – these might be weeks, topics of study or resource types. Click on the section heading to see the resources listed under each heading. The table of contents is particularly helpful on longer lists.

Sorting your reading list

You can use the 'View' filter to sort your list. 

  • You have the option to sort by the level of importance that has been set to each resource by your lecturer/tutor (Items for Purchase, Essential, Further reading).
  • There is an option to view either physical resources or online resources.

There is also a search box you can use if you wish to search the list.

Make notes about items you've read

You have an option to add a ‘Personal note’ by selecting the 3 dashes to the right of the resource.

This allows you to add notes against articles, chapters, or quotes that you may find useful later on. Notes can be added to any of the items on your list and are completely private. Your lecturer can see how many notes have been made on an item, but not the content or author of the notes.

Please note: You need to log in following the button  in the top right corner, to add notes.

View your notes

Notes will be visible beneath the resource you have added them to.

Any notes you make are also added to your profile. To see your notes (and edit your profile) click on your name at the top of the page and select 'View profile'. To view your notes click on the tab ‘My notes’. 

Tip: When making a note it may be worth including which list the item is from as this information won’t be accessible in the saved note from your profile.

Create 'read status' notes

Resources can be marked for later reading using the ‘Read status’ button. When you select the circle button to the right of the resource you will be given a drop down list to select from including 'Undecided', ‘Will read’, ‘Reading now’, ‘Have read’, and ‘Won’t read’.

After selecting your action the button will change to display the symbol associated with the option you chose (white circle, star, blue circle, tick, cross).

As with notes, any resource you mark with 'Read status' can be viewed in your profile.

Export your reading list

At the top of every reading list you have the following options to export a list into either:
1. RIS
2. CSV
3. PDF

Selecting the 'Export to PDF' option allows you to download and print a copy of the list, in a similar style to the online version.