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Employability skills resources

Professional current awareness

When job hunting and preparing for job applications and interviews, it is important to keep informed about current issues that may impact on the jobs market, industries, companies and sectors. 

Newspapers, news sites, industry and sector publications are of course an essential source of information to keep yourself up-to-date. Association websites are also an important resource as they can help you identify the skills required for a particular profession along with advertising latest vacancies and career opportunities. 

This section will look at resources and tools you can use to keep yourself informed on your chosen field.

Newspaper articles

Using Lexis Library allows you to search across all UK broadsheets simultaneously for news articles on companies and current topics.

Industry and sector publications

Print journals.

Their purpose is to keep readers abreast of current issues and new developments within the industry. They can also provide news on job opportunities and careers. 

Reading industry magazines will also help you keep professionally updated once you land that job!


Examples of industry and sector specific publications:


Different coloured silhouettes of people, standing in a circle.Professional associations are an excellent way of obtaining up-to-date information in your field and prospective career.

Total Professions provides an easy search facility for you to locate professional bodies relevant to you and aims to raise awareness of the activities of professional bodies and associations.

Examples of trade, professional and sector associations include:

RSS Feeds

RSS iconRSS feeds allow you to collate information from a number of websites in one place. This is really useful for websites that regularly update content.  Using RSS feeds can save you the time of visiting a number of different websites by collecting information and keeping it in one place until you have time to read through it. 

Examples of RSS feed readers are:

Feedly: a popular feed reader that's both web and app based;  has lots of fun features and allows you to tweak the interface to suit your taste.  The web version works better in Chrome than Internet Explorer.

Newsblur: is also web and app based but works better as desktop feeder; free for up to 64 websites.

MiniFlux: is a web-based reader; a simple, minimalist, no frills reader.

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