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Find it!

A guide to Manchester Metropolitan University Library's Find it! service

Hints, tips and troubleshooting using Find it! off campus

Remember that it is necessary to log in to the resources when using Find it! off campus. For most resources you will be prompted to log in when you try to access them (if you aren't already logged in), otherwise the Find it! menu should provide guidance on how to log in.

No full text is available

There are several reasons why online full text may not be available:

  • There may be no online access to all issues of a resource;
  • Manchester Metropolitan might not have a subscription;
  • Most services allow direct linking to an article. However, some only link to the table of contents or the journal’s homepage; others will link to the most recent issue. It is still possible to access the issue required by navigating the site in question;
  • References to very recently published articles may appear in abstracting and indexing services before the full text becomes available.

If the full text is not available from the Find it! menu, the library might still have access to it, but in print form. To check this, do a title search on the library catalogue - you can do this from the results page by clicking the appropriate link.

Error messages

An error message may occur for several reasons:

  • The database you are trying to access could be experiencing technical problems;
  • Even though an article has been indexed, full text of recent articles may not have appeared yet. If, however, if it is not a recent article that you are trying to access, contact any Library helpdesk for further help.

Not being taken to the correct issue

Some sources will take you to the most recent issue only of an ejournal. However, it is still possible to access the correct issue by navigating the site in question.

Off campus display problems

If you experience problems displaying ejournal listings, you might need to adjust your local or network firewall or filtering software.

Feedback and getting further help

Please report any problems with Find it! by using the feedback form within the Find it! menu itself. This can be found in the menu’s advanced section.

You can also contact your local library helpdesk.