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Drama Online


The primary navigation bar is near the top of the Drama Online page. It displays the main types of content in Drama Online, these are: 

  • Plays
  • Playwrights & Practitioners
  • Genres
  • Periods
  • Context & Criticism
  • Theatre Craft

Use the primary navigation bar to browse content in available in Drama Online. 

Here's how to browse to a play

  •  Choose Plays from the navigation barDrama Online navigation
  • Select the title of a play you are interested in from the alphabetical list
  • An overview page opens
  • Select the orange button called Read Play 
  • Open a section, by selecting the title of a section from the play's Table of Contents

How to view a resource in the Context & Criticism section

  • Choose Context & Criticism from the navigation bar
  • Choose an item from the alphabetical list of content. The resource will open.
  • There is an overview and then a list of chapters or sections. Select the name of the chapter or section to read it.

Please note: if you see an orange Buy link, this is just a link to Amazon to buy a print copy if you wish, it doesn't mean that the full ebook isn't available in Drama Online. If you can't read the full ebook, log in by following the link to Drama Online either in this libguide or a link to the resource from the Library website. If you are logged in correctly it should say Logged in to DramaOnline.

Browse play tools

An overview page may have an option to view the play tools associated with that play. The play tools include:

Character grid

To help you view where characters appear and with whom they interact in the play. 

Words and speeches

On the same page as the Character Grid you will find a bar chart representing the shape of the play in terms of words and speeches. Selecting a character or specific characters from the Character Grid will change the graph to reflect the words and speeches for those selected. Hover over the bars for the precise word count.