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Drama Online

Quick Search

The Quick Search box appears in the top of every page. The only place you don't see the Quick Search box is when you have opened a play or a book.

To search: Enter your term into the box and select Search (or just press the Enter key). 

Quick Search performs a full-text search on all content types in Drama Online.

Search filters

When you have your search results displayed, use the filters on the left hand side to refine your search even further. For example a search on 'Epic Theatre' can be further refined by looking at epic theatre from a specific period, author, theme or setting. Or you can choose to only look at plays to do with epic theatre.

Search within this text

Once you have selected a play or other text to read in Drama Online, you can then use the Search Within this Text feature in the Reader to conduct specific searches only within the text you are reading.

Advanced search

Use the Advanced Search tool to conduct more specific search enquires by entering one or more search criteria. Boolean AND, OR and NOT are supported (eg shakespeare AND tragedy). Use quotation marks (" ") to find an exact phrase (eg "Merchant of Venice"). Use asterisks to match partial words in fields (eg stage*).

Play finder

You can conduct very detailed searches for plays. In Advanced Search use the drop down filters to select content Type: Plays. Then Select Add Filter. You can add as many filters as you like here. You can choose the number of male/female roles, the number of scenes, even the number of words. 

Monologue search

You can search across Drama Online's entire play content for monologues to perform or study. Go to Advanced Search and select Type: Monologue, then use the filters to refine your search. Clicking on the search results will take you the exact position of the monologue in the play.