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Information about using the database Anatomy TV

Anatomy trains

Presents a unique "whole systems" view of myofascial/locomotor anatomy.

Users can rotate the 3D model on the computer screen, peel away layers, and label any visible feature.

The 3D presentation is accompanied by anatomical text.

Interactive modules

Most of the Interactive Anatomy modules have Anatomy, Contents, MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) and Quiz sections. Individual modules feature sections on Patient Information, Injuries, Examination, Conditions, Treatment, Surgery, Biomechanics, Radiology and Podiatry.

In Interactive Anatomy, change the current view of the 3D model by using the drop down menu below the model.

Rotate the model by using the arrow buttons beneath the picture. The double arrows will auto rotate whilst the single arrows rotate one frame at a time. You can then strip away or build up the anatomical layers from superficial to deep using the layer slider, found below the arrow buttons. Click on a structure on the 3D model to display text relating to it. Link from the text to see movies, images or further information. Click on Anatomy to return to the original screen.

Use the Contents button to view and select the context of a whole module; here you will find animations and videos. Click on a folder to choose the section you are interested in. To get back to module contents click on the Top button.

To watch videos or slides, open the folder then click on the video or slide icon. In some modules there is an MRI feature; click on this to see sections through parts of the 3D Anatomy model. Use the Quiz and Test sections to test your knowledge on that part of the body.

The quiz allows you to tailor the questions to your knowledge level. If you get the question wrong, simply click on the eye symbol to reveal the correct answer.

Please note: Manchester Metropolitan physiotherapy students should use the Interactive Spine module and are not recommended to use the module Interactive Spine - Chiropractic Edition. Other students should check with their tutors before using Interactive Spine - Chiropractic Edition.