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Logging in to Library services

Our login system, FAQ and troubleshooting guide.

Logging in to most of our services

Most of our online services require you to log in using your University ID.

This saves you from having to remember lots of different ID and password combinations.

  • Some services may take you to a page where you have to agree to terms and conditions. In most cases this only happens the first time you use the service.
  • If you have problems logging in, please see our online services FAQs for advice on what to do and who to contact.

Services with non-standard logins

Some of our services have their own separate IDs and passwords.

  • When you follow the link from our web site you will initially arrive at the normal login page where you use your University ID.
  • This leads on to a page with the log in information for the service and a link which you follow once you've noted the log in instructions.
  • This saves you having to remember many different ID and password combinations - you just need to note them down when accessing that service.

Manchester Libraries resources

We also list on our web site a small number of resources which are provided by Manchester Libraries (the public library service in Manchester).

  • To access these you will need to register with Manchester Libraries and use your Manchester Libraries membership credentials to log in.
  • We are unable to help with problems accessing these resources: you should contact Manchester Libraries in case of difficulty.

NHS Core Content resources

We also list the NHS Core Content resources, which are only available to students on certain health-related courses.

These are  the only services which still use the Athens system for logging in.

Full information is provided below: