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Disability support

Information about the facilities available within Library Services for those with additional needs.

Emergency evacuation of the All Saints Library for disabled customers

This document has been constructed to aid in the construction of PEEPs (Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans) for MMU staff and students, and for use by visitors and support workers. It states what you need to do if you have a hearing, sight or mobility impairment and the support which is in place.

If you would like a personal tour of refuge areas or to be shown any equipment in advance, please contact

If you have a particular disability, e.g. narcolepsy or epilepsy, which means that you may need individual support, please contact for help in constructing a suitable PEEP in relation to the library.

What to do in an emergency evacuation

  • Do not use any of the lifts.
  • Make your way out of the nearest emergency exit if you are able. If at all possible please let library security staff know you are safe. They will be located outside the entrance to the library.
  • If you cannot get out of the building without assistance, please make your way to the nearest designated refuge area (see below), MMU staff and/or Fire Rescue Services will assist in evacuation if this is required. However, you may not be evacuated in the case of a false alarm.
  • Where possible, library staff will make contact with you when they re-enter the building to confirm that your presence and location were reported in line with procedures.

Signing in and out of the library

  • We ask you to sign in on arrival at the library giving us an indication of where you plan to work, and to sign out when you leave. If you are not accounted for in an emergency evacuation (and it is not a false alarm) the order of search is likely to be as follows: refuge area closest to where you said you expected to be, followed by other refuge areas, followed by a broader search of the area where you said you would work.
  • Libraries are large, and relatively small teams only are often present, especially after 4.30pm and at weekends. At these times you may prefer to work on the ground floor so that you can leave the building independently in case of an emergency evacuation.

Additional equipment to assist with evacuation

Vibrating pagers

If you would like to carry a vibrating pager whilst in the library then please ask for one at the Library entrance. Vibrating pagers are particularly useful for those with a hearing impairment.

Mobile phones

If you would like to carry a mobile phone together with a list of contact numbers then please ask for one at the Library entrance. These phones can be used to alert staff if you have difficulty leaving the library in an emergency evacuation.

Evacuation chairs for those with mobility difficulties

These are located on the landing of the central stairwell on the 3rd floor; on the 2nd floor landing of the stairwell at the west end of the building, and on the 4th floor landing at the east (Oxford Road) end of the building.

Refuge areas

Refuge areas in the All Saints library are located as follows:

1st floor  - lift lobby
2nd floor - lift lobby
3rd floor  - lift lobby
4th floor  - lift lobby
5th floor  - stairwell area

If a fire prevents you from using the lift lobbies please go to the fire exits at either end of the building and wait on the landings.