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Information about services available to academic staff at Manchester Metropolitan University Library

Requesting books and other resources for library stock

As a member of academic staff, you can make book requests to support your courses, including new titles and electronic copies of existing print stock, if available. If you wish to suggest books or other material for purchase by the Library please complete a book recommendation card, available from any Library Help Desk.

New requests for journals and databases are also considered annually, but may have to be balanced by cancellations owing to funding restraints.

If you prefer, you can contact your subject librarian directly by email or telephone; see our Contacts and Library sites page. Your librarian will also be able to advise you and keep you up-to-date on all your stock requests.

The Library’s collection management policy prioritises electronic copies over print material, to make resources more widely accessible, so please keep this in mind when making your requests.

How to order journals

To request the Library to subscribe to a new journal title, academic staff should talk to their subject librarian. Details such as the title of the journal, frequency of publication, ISSN, format (print and/or electronic) and annual subscription price, if known, will need to be provided. The Library will need to know if you wish the subscription to start with a current issue or with a back issue and why the new journal is important, how it will benefit you and your students, or how it fills a gap in the existing literature. Please note that journal subscriptions are only reviewed once a year and requests should be placed well in advance, usually by March, for subscriptions beginning the following January.