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Borrowing, renewals and reservations

About borrowing and returning books and laptops. Includes information about renewals, reserving books, fines, lost items and checking your library account.

Lost, stolen or damaged items

If an item on your Library account is lost, stolen or damaged please report this to staff at the help desk as soon as possible. You can also contact us by email, phone or live chat.

You will be responsible for the item's replacement and we will arrange for an invoice to be produced. The invoice will include the replacement cost of the item plus a £5.00 administration charge per item.

Once an invoice has been produced you have the following options:

  • return the overdue item and pay any fine that has accrued (maximum fine is £10 per item); or
  • pay for the replacement cost of the item plus the £5.00 administration charge; or
  • provide your own replacement item and pay the £5.00 administration charge, if you are a current borrower.

Please note:

  • Non-current borrowers, whose library accounts have expired, are not permitted to provide a replacement copy of a lost item - you must pay for the replacement cost of the item plus the £5.00 administration charge.
  • If you provide a replacement copy of an item we will only accept it if the item is:
    • the same or a later edition of the lost or damaged item;
    • in excellent, i.e. good as new, condition with no marks, e.g. highlighting or stamps from other libraries.
  • Once an invoice has been produced your library account will be blocked until you pay for or replace the item.
  • If you find an item that you have already paid for we will process a refund:
    • if payment was within the last 6 months;
    • only for the cost of the item (not the administration charge);
    • only if you paid the invoice cost of the item (not if you provided a replacement copy).