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Ebooks on mobile devices

Read Knovel ebooks online on Android Smartphone

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x It is not possible to read ebooks from Knovel online using your device's web browser.

However, it is possible to download a section of the ebook to read on your device. 


Download Knovel ebooks on Android Smartphone

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When using a smartphone, clicking on the title of a Knovel ebook in Library Search opens an interstitial record page. To open the ebook tap Full Text Online under Availability at the bottom of this page to log in and go to the ebook details page on the Knovel site.

Library Search eBook info page

Or from the book's Catalogue record, tap View online to log in and go to the ebook details page on the Knovel site.

Library catalogue eBook download link

You may see a page about New Knovel information, tap Click here to go to the ebook.

New Knovel info page

The Knovel ebook details page is displayed like this:

Knovel eBook table of contents

To download, tap a section or chapter title to begin the download.

Knovel eBook table of contentsAndroid download notification

Once the download has completed swipe down the notification bar from the top left of the screen and tap the downloaded ebook section.

Android download list

Select Adobe Reader from the list of apps

Android "Complete action" app list

The ebook section will open to read in Adobe Reader.

Opened eBook

To re-access at a later time, open the Adobe Reader app,

Select Documents from the menu on the left hand side, and tap the ebook section to reopen.

Adobe Reader file list