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Ebooks on mobile devices

Read Dawsonera ebooks online on Android Smartphone

Read online icon  Read online

When using a smartphone, clicking on the title of a Dawsonera ebook in Library Search opens an interstitial record page. To open the ebook tap Full Text Online under Availability at the bottom of this page to log in and go to the ebook viewer on the provider's site.

Library Search eBook info page

Or from the book's Catalogue record, tap View online  to log in and go to the ebook viewer on the Dawsonerasite.

Library catalogue eBook download link

Once you have located the required ebook and are on the Dawsonera site, tap the Read Online icon beneath the ebook description.

Dawsonera read online icon

The full text is then displayed in the browser at the bottom of the page.

Opened eBook

To navigate, tap the < or > arrows at the bottom of the page to turn pages, or jump to a Chapter heading by expanding the Contents menu and tapping the section or chapter title from the list.

Dawsonera ebook navigation

Download Dawsonera ebooks on Android Smartphone

Download icon Download

Please note that downloaded ebooks are loaned on to a device for 24 hours at a time. After 24 hours the ebook will automatically become locked.

There is no limit to the number of times users may download an ebook however you must repeat the download process again in order to re-access the ebook.

Any highlights/notes/annotations made to the downloaded copy during loan periods are lost once each 24 hour loan period expires.

Clicking on the title of a Dawsonera ebook in Library Search or from the link in the Catalogue takes you to the ebook details page on the Dawsonera site.

Once the required ebook has been located on the Dawsonera site, tap the Download icon beneath the ebook description. 

            Dawsonera download icon

Select Download from the dialogue box.

           Download dialog box

The following message will be displayed.

x Do not press OK or back button. Wait for download to start automatically.

! You may need to wait up to 10 seconds for the download to begin.

Android download notification

Once the download has completed swipe down notification bar, tap the ebook file to open.

Android download list

Select Adobe Reader from the list of apps to open the ebook

Android "Complete action" app list

Select Open from the starter message.

Adobe Reader privacy warning

The ebook will open in the reader app and is now readable for 24 hours.

Opened eBook

To re-access at any point during this period open the Adobe Reader app, select Documents from the menu on the left hand side, and tap the ebook to reopen.

Adobe Reader file list