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Ebooks on mobile devices

Read Ebook Central eBooks online on Android Device

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Read Online available on tablets.

Read Online via  a phone currently limited to:

  • Detail Page
  • Sign In
  • Full Download

Not supported on mobile devices:

  • Gestures
  • Accessibility Mode (Available on Desktop and Laptop only)

Download Ebook Central ebooks to Android Device

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Before you begin to download an ebook from Ebook Central you must have:

Clicking on the title of an Ebook Central ebook in either the Library catalogue or Library Search, takes you to the ebook details page on the Ebook Central site.

From the details page select Full Download.

Ebook Central opens a menu. Ensure that the Android (Phone, Tablet) option is selected from the Device section and indicate whether you are using your own or a public computer. Use the Install section to get the Bluefire Reader app, if you have not already done so. In the Download section choose the format you want, either PDF or ePub and select Download Your Book.

Choose the format you want, either PDF or ePub. Select Download.

PDFs have a static page layout and will display in the same way on all devices regardless of screen size - you may need to pinch to zoom and drag to read a page clearly.

ePUBs allow users to adjust the text size to suit different screen sizes. This may be the better option if you are reading on a small screen device such as smartphone.

The Bluefire Reader app will open. The app displays a Download complete message, which gives you the option to Go To Library or Read Now.

Choose Read Now if you want to start reading the ebook immediately.


New users

If this is the first time opening an ebook in Bluefire Reader you will need to sign up for a free Adobe Digital Editions account. This is a personal account, separate from your University ID, which you will need to set up independently. Adobe Digital Editions manages the loan period and other rights terms set by publishers (DRM).

Tap Create a free Adobe ID to set one up.

Enter your details; tap Create, then press Done Getting ID to return to the Bluefire Reader login screen.

Enter your newly created Adobe ID credentials, then select Authorise.


Users with an Existing Adobe Digital Editions ID

Enter your Adobe ID credentials then select Authorise.

Once your device is authorised, the ebook from Ebook Central will download to Bluefire Reader.

Download complete message will appear, which gives you the option to Go To Library or Read Now.

An opened ebook has a menu and forward and back buttons at the bottom of the screen. The reader does not always display these menus. If you want to open the menu, just tap at the top or bottom of the page. 

To turn the pages, swipe the left or right to move backwards and forwards through the ebook or use the forward and back buttons at the bottom of the page.