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Ebooks on mobile devices


Adobe Reader
An enhanced PDF reading software which you need to install as an app in order to allow your mobile device to open eBooks protected by DRM.
A mobile operating system owned by Google to run on mobile devices. The Android operating system is open-source, meaning Google permits other electronics manufacturers to customize and use Android to run their own mobile devices, for example Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony.
Short for application. A program or piece of software designed to work for mobile devices. New or updated versions of apps can be downloaded directly from app stores using your device; Google Play Store for Android devices or iTunes app store for Apple iOS devices.
A corporation that makes computer electronics and software such as mobile devices, like the iPad and iPhone, as well as the mobile operating system, iOS.
Cambridge Companions Online (sometimes The Complete Cambridge Companions Collection)
An eBook platform.
The database listing the books, eBooks and other materials held by a library. 
A web browser made by Google used to access web sites on mobile devices. Available to download as a free app from app stores.
An eBook platform.
See Mobile Device.
To electronically transfer an eBook from a web site to a mobile device or computer. Depending on the platform, full eBooks, sections or chapters may be downloaded to your mobile device when connected to the internet. After the transfer is complete, you are able to access the information with or without an internet connection.
DRM (Digital Rights Management)
A system used by publishers and copyright holders, such as eBook platforms, to regulate the use of digital content on devices by controlling how you are able to view, copy, print, alter or transfer the eBook.
eBook, e-book, electronic book
A book that exists in electronic form to be read on a computer, or mobile device.
An eBook platform.
A device primarily used for reading eBooks using a monochrome e-ink display. 
A web browser made by Mozilla used to access web sites on mobile devices. Available to download as a free app from app stores.
Google Play Store
An online resource that offers free and paid-for apps to download and install for Android mobile devices such as smartphones like Samsung Galaxy or HTC One, and tablets like the Nexus 7 or Samsung Galaxy Tab.
A mobile operating system made by Apple Inc to run devices including iPad, iPad mini and iPhone.
iTunes App Store
An online resource that offers free and paid-for apps to download and install for Apple iOS mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads.
Kindle (Kindle Fire, Kindle Touch, Kindle Paperwhite etc)
An e-reader manufactured by Amazon to read personal eBooks. Because the Kindle is designed to read eBooks owned by you or licensed for individual use, they are not compatible with academic eBooks available from Manchester Metropolitan University Library.
An eBook platform.
Library Search
A search engine to help you find books, scholarly articles, and other academic resources.
Mobile web site
A web site designed for mobile devices with a smaller screen size including smartphones and some tablets.
Mobile device
A handheld, portable, electronic computing device such as smartphone or tablet. These devices use mobile operating systems which run apps rather than programs, and are usually touchscreen controlled and do not use a physical mouse or keyboard.
An eBook platform/provider. No longer in operation, all eBooks transferred to Ebook Central platform/provider.
Operating System
The foundation software needed to run all programs, apps and processes on a mobile device.
PDF (Portable Document Format)
A file format used to present electronic documents in the same way across many different screens eg laptop, tablet computer, smartphone.
A company that provides the eBook to Manchester Metropolitan University (and produces the web site used to view and download eBooks). Sometimes known as eBook provider.
Read Online
The eBook is displayed to read within the device's web browser app. You must be connected to the internet via Wi-Fi or mobile connection throughout reading session.
A system that enables Manchester Metropolitan University staff and students to log in to web sites owned by external companies using their University username and password to access eBooks, eJournals and other subscription services bought by Manchester Metropolitan University Library.
A mobile phone that performs many of the functions of a computer, examples include iPhone running the Apple iOS or Samsung Galaxy S running Android OS
A handheld, portable, computing device, which runs apps and usually has a touchscreen instead of mouse and keyboard.