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Term 2: Spring & Summer 2014/15 (incl Christmas and spring vacation)

The Library regularly collects feedback on its services through a variety of sources (comments forms, e-mails, programme committees, letters, Facebook and Twitter). This is a summary of your views for the above period, with our comments. This set of responses also includes the Internal Student Surveys from March and May this year. Please note that all the comments we received are carefully considered and action taken where appropriate, but we only provide a formal response where we have received two or more comments on a particular subject, unless a single comment raises a particularly important issue.

Your comment: Our response: Number of comments:
Comments about the building/environment
      Library Space

You like our refurbished areas (e.g. 5th Floor) but commented you are struggling to find a study space, particularly at All Saints.

We’re working closely with Property Services to identify possible space for library expansion. In the meantime, over the summer we’re refurbishing part of the First Floor to improve facilities for group work.

(24 improvement needed)


There have been lots of complaints about the temperatures in different parts of the library (too hot / too cold).

We log all temperature complaints. The heating engineers use these to identify particular problem areas, e.g. the set point on the 4th Floor was increased by two degrees to provide a more comfortable study environment.

We’ll continue to monitor all comments about the temperature to ensure problems are resolved quickly.

(81 improvement needed)

  Noise/ behaviour

Issues with noise and behaviour are a perennial problem.

We’ve increased our security staff patrols and ask people to leave the premises after their third warning. Please help us to help you by using the right zone and respecting the needs of other students. You can report noise or behaviour issues to library and security staff, or text us anonymously to alert staff to the problem. Posters advertising the number to text are displayed in the libraries at All Saints and Crewe.

(22 improvement needed)

  Food & drink

You said you want to eat and drink anywhere in the Library.

We do allow bottled drinks and wrapped sweets anywhere in the Library. However, we do ask you to use the library Chat Zones, where you can relax with food and drink, which helps us to maintain a pleasant study environment for everyone.

(11 improvement needed)

Comments about library resources and services
  General comments

Thank you for your positive observations about the Library generally. We really appreciate you taking the time to comment.
Most of the suggestions for improvement centred on wanting more access to resources. Our subject librarians work closely with academic tutors to ensure we have relevant material in stock. We’re also exploring different ways of providing access to more titles, such as ‘evidence based’ acquisition. By the first few weeks of term, we’ll have added another 24,000 e-books titles which will be accessible via the library catalogue, and Library Search.

(64 supportive)

  Online resources

You said you like our online resources but are frustrated when they don’t work.

We work closely with our suppliers to resolve any problems as quickly as possible. We advertise any known issues with suggested ‘workarounds’ via the News section on the Library website, and via social media. Please keep an eye out for these to help with any frustrations.

(17 supportive)

  Books / e-books / reading lists

You said you wanted more books in the Library.

Our subject librarians liaise closely with academic tutors to ensure that items on reading lists are stocked in the Library, or accessible electronically. We’re also adding more e-books to our collections (e.g. 24,000 titles from Cambridge University Press).

Did you know if the book you need is out on loan, or at another site, you can reserve it for free? Check the library website for more details:

(149 improvement needed)

  Opening hours

You told us you loved having later opening in the Library. It’s good to see you’re still enjoying the 24/7 opening at All Saints during term, but there have been a couple of comments about Crewe not being open past midnight.

The Library did pilot 24/7 at Crewe in the last few years but there was no recorded usage of study after midnight. There are 24/7 computing and study facilities available at Crewe campus in the Student Zone 24/7 (except Wednesday nights), accessible with a swipe card. Vending facilities are available in both these areas.

(11 supportive)

  Services at Birley

You told us you liked the new campus at Birley, but felt frustrated by the lack of a library there.

The decision was made at University level to consolidate library services in one Manchester location, and we appreciate the 10 minute walk is not always convenient. However, we’re increasing the number of e-books available on a daily basis, and library staff continue to offer pop-up help and 1-2-1 support at Birley to help you use them. A wider range of bookstock is now easily available in one place in All Saints Library which is open 24 hours, seven days a week from September to June, including the vacations.

(60 improvement needed)

Comments on IT issues and equipment

You’ve told us that you’re particularly concerned with the number and speed of PCs in the Library.

IT Services have recently installed an extra 44 new PCs on the 5th Floor of All Saints Library, and an additional seven day loan laptop service will be available at the start of term at All Saints Library. This brings the total number to 296 PCs and 22 Macs, along with our loanable laptops, which will hopefully satisfy your needs.

Did you know you can see PC availability in Manchester and Crewe? Check out the links on IT Services website:

(20 improvement needed)


You’ve told us you’re unhappy with the printers in the Library, and would also like to see large scale printing in the Library.

We’re sorry that you’re having problems with the printers. These are checked throughout the day and evening. However, if you have a problem, please let the Library Helpdesk (tel: 0161 247 6106) know straightaway so we can sort it out.

Large scale printing requires specialist technical support and is currently available in the Benzie Building and Chatham Tower, or via the university’s award winning Print Services in John Dalton Workshops. For more details see:

(16 improvement needed)


You’ve told us the WiFi service is poor in the Library.

We’re taking this up with IT Services and are investigating how to improve the reliability and coverage of WiFi in the library. In the meantime, please let us know if you are having particular problems, or you can report them directly to the IT Helpline (tel: 0161 247 4646; or email:

(12 improvement needed)

  Specialist software

You’d told us you’d like to see more specialist software available in the Library.

Individual faculties are responsible for purchasing and making available specialist software to support their students. The licences are limited to specific faculty buildings so unfortunately are not available in the Library.

(14 improvement needed)

  IT Support

You told us you’d like the IT Rovers to provide more specialist help.

The IT Rovers are only trained to provide a first level of response. If you need more specialist assistance, however, please contact the IT Helpline (tel: 0161 247 4646; email:

Did you know you can also access a range of professional video tutorials on

(3 improvement needed)

Comments about circulation and other issues
  Loans & Reservations

A number of you said you would like to be able to borrow more books, particularly in your final year.

We try to maximise the use of the stock and ensure that everyone can access what they need for their studies. In addition to 12 x one or four week loan items, you can also borrow 3 x one day loans, 4 x DVDs and 10 other audio-visual items.

Did you know you also have access to over 325,000 e-books? Check out the library website for more details:

(11 improvement needed)

  Security / Rules & regulations

Some of you don’t like our rules and regulations (e.g. the requirement to have your ID card to swipe into the library).

However, we do need to have rules and regulations to help provide a safe and pleasant study environment to our customers. Find out more about our commitment to you on the library website:

(9 improvement needed)

Comments about library staff and support
  Library staff

Thank you for your positive comments about our helpful library staff.

We’re glad that you’re receiving the support you need. If you are struggling to find what you need, please just ask – we’re here to help. Further information is available on the library website:

(26 supportive)

  Induction & InfoSkills

You told us you liked the library sessions we run to help you search for and organise information for your assignments. However there were some suggestions for improvements, mostly focussing on the timing of sessions, and some suggestions for additional training sessions.

We work closely with academic tutors to schedule library sessions at appropriate times of year. This academic year we’ve also introduced a programme of general drop-in workshops designed to develop your research skills. These are open to all and are advertised on the library website:

(19 improvement needed)