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Your Library Feedback 2015/2016

Your Library Feedback 2015/16 (infographic: text version on second tab)

You told us you wanted to eat and drink in the library.
You can now bring cold food and lidded drinks into all study areas.
You told us you wanted more resources.
We've bought 12 new databases and 16,000 new books.
You told us you loved our welcoming environment.
See more on Twitter, Instagram and our display boards.
You told us you were unhappy with the temperature.
We're monitoring the temperature and working to improve it.
You told us library staff were supportive and helpful.
We've introduced live-chat for instant online support.
You told us you wanted more reliable computers and equipment.
We now have more laptops, new printers and better wi-fi.
You told us you wanted nicer toilets.
We've had a major refurbishment of all toilets.

Did you know you can now...

  • Pay your fines online
  • Search via touch screen catalogues
  • Access our employability skills guide online
  • Buy a USB pen drive at the helpdesk
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