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Tell us what you think: customer feedback summaries

The Library regularly collects feedback on its services through a variety of sources (comments forms, e-mails, programme committees, letters, Facebook and Twitter).

These reports are summaries of your views for the relevant period, with our comments.

Please note that all the comments we received are carefully considered and action taken where appropriate, but we only provide a formal response where we have received two or more comments on a particular subject, unless a single comment raises a particularly important issue.

Your Library Feedback 2016/2017

Your Library Feedback 2016/17 (infographic: text version on second tab)

You told us you wanted to borrow more books.
We've increased loan limits: students 20; staff and researchers 30.
You told us the inter-library loans system was inconvenient.
You can now request inter-library loans online.
You told us you wanted more PCs in the library.
We've installed 24 extra PCs in All Saints and 16 in Crewe.
You told us you kept forgetting to renew your books.
We now renew your books automatically (unless they're reserved).
You told us you liked the support and help available from Library staff.
We've extended our online Library Chat to evenings and weekends.
You told us we didn't have enough books in some subjects.
You can now request the books you need through Books Buy You on our web site.
You told us you were unhappy with the temperature.
We resolved the problem on the 4th floor at All Saints and are working on other areas.

Did you know you can…

  • Order free inter-library loans.
  • Book on Library Workshops for help with your studies.
  • Access your reading lists in Moodle.
  • Search for over one million books, journals and e-resources.
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