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Box of Broadcasts (BoB)

More information and help with using BoB (Box of Broadcasts)

Linking to BoB in a reading list (Aspire)

To add a recording to Aspire click Add to My Bookmarks as you would for other resources, at the top of your required page. You can also add clips and whole public playlists.

You will be taken to the Aspire page where you can rename your resource and add it as an audio-visual document.

BoB bookmark on Aspire screenshot

Once saved and added to your list, students will be taken directly to the video when they click on the Online Resource button. 

You may wish to make your URL a WAYFless URL to make the link more direct for users. To do this use the base to which you can add the ID of the programme, clip or playlist you wish to link to, for example - playlists/103254.

After following the link to BoB from an Aspire reading list, users will need to select Sign In, enter the name of their home institution, Manchester Metropolitan University and then enter their Manchester Met ID and password.