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Box of Broadcasts (BoB)

More information and help with using BoB (Box of Broadcasts)

Making a clip

To create a clip from a TV show, radio programme or film:

  • Select Make Clip under your chosen recording
  • BoB then displays a tool bar under the programme for you to edit, screenshot below.

BoB clip toolbar screenshot

  • Drag the markers in the toolbar to increase or decrease the time of your clip, anything highlighted in white is included.

BoB toolbar with drag set to create a clip screenshot

  • Select SAVE CLIP
  • Give the clip a title
  • Select SAVE

Your clip is now saved in the BoB archive and your Clips section of MyBoB.

Use EDIT CLIP to increase or decrease the time of the clip.

Use Edit clip details if you want to change the title of the clip.  

Use DELETE CLIP to delete the clip from the BoB archive.

Making clips will not eat into your 10 programmes a day recording limit. 

Importing your clips from the old BoB system

When signed in, you should see an orange banner prompting you to import playlists and clips saved under the email address registered previously (please ensure you’re using the same email address as in the old system if you want to import your old clips and playlists). If you select ‘yes’, clips and playlists will be imported straight away, if you choose ‘no’, you won’t see the prompt again.  

You’ll then be presented with a green banner reporting on the import of your playlists. Expand the link to see if any programmes were not imported successfully. This is for your information but can’t be recalled. If there are any errors it’s probably because of a problem with the original file. If so, please take a screenshot or save for offline viewing if you need an item in the list. 

If you don’t get the first banner as expected, please ensure you have entered and verified the correct email address, exactly as it was in the old system. If the correct email address is confirmed, try clearing your browser cache and cookies/use an alternative browser.

Multipart clips

Multipart clips aren’t currently offered by BoB. Upon importing any old multipart clips, users will find they have become playlists of single clips. Following user feedback they’re developing a new multipart clip function, which we’ll let you know more about closer to release.