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Reading lists for staff

Providing resource lists online for the courses you teach.

About this guide

This guide shows academic staff the basics of managing their reading lists.

This facility is not available to students.


Use your online reading lists to improve student satisfaction!

  • Easily create current and dynamic lists
  • Provide live resource links and real-time Library availability
  • Save time embedding links within Moodle
  • Seamlessly request or digitise new material

For more information about online lists, including interviews with academics who’ve successfully used Talis Aspire software at other universities, take a look at​ 

Talis Aspire training sessions

Talis Aspire training sessions run throughout the year, current dates below, and are bookable via MyHR.

Enter your usual login details then enter the code 532 in the search box to get straight to this course, click on the title and the planned dates will be listed underneath.

If you cannot attend any of these dates and wish to use Talis Aspire, or would like to arrange a departmental training session, please contact Nicola Ward or Rachel Fell / 0161 247 6607.

Crewe are offering one-to-one training and refreshers, so please contact Helen Wilding / 0161 247 5002 to book yourself on!

Tues 3rd Oct 2017, 11.00-12.00pm, All Saints

Weds 1st Nov 2017, 14.00-15.00pm, All Saints

Embedding Aspire resources in Moodle

  • This video will demonstrate how you can embed one or several items from an associated library (Talis Aspire) reading list directly within the content of a Moodle unit area. 
  • Click Turn editing on
  • Select Add an activity or resource from the relevant section. Click Aspire reading list and Add.
  • In the General section, fill in the reading list name, in this case, the title is seminar reading.
  • Choose the resources that you wish to link to.  You can choose just one or as many as you’d like just check the box against each resource you require.
  • In the appearance box, you have two choices of how to display the resources. ‘On a separate page’ will send the user to a new page.  I’m going to select ‘Inline on the course page’, then ‘Save and return to course’.
  • When a student clicks on the link, the selected resources will appear in the page.
  • For more help and information, please ask a member of staff in the Library or visit the Library website 

Embedding digitised material in Moodle

1. Go into edit mode on Moodle

2. Click Add an Activity or Resource

3. Select URL and click Add

4. Open a new tab and navigate the online reading lists to the digitisation you wish to add to Moodle e.g.










5. Copy the URL

6. Paste the reference details and URL into the Moodle editing URL tab

7. Under ‘Appearance’ select ‘Open’

8. Click Save and Return to Course.

Get help

For information and support, contact your Subject Librarian. You can also view a range of useful videos and tutorials.