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Open access

A guide to open access at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Manchester Metropolitan University policy on open access


  1. With effect from October 2013 University staff and members of the University (including research students) are, subject to publisher restrictions, required to deposit in eSpace the final accepted for publication version of their paper, rather than the publisher PDF. Where the publisher allows the final published version to be deposited this is the preferred version for deposit.
  1. Where publisher or other copyright restrictions prevent the deposit of full versions of any published research output, authors are required to submit the bibliographic references, and any abstract relating to such works.
  1. Works and/or bibliographic references should be deposited no later than the publication date.
  1. It is expected that material deposited will be made openly and freely available, and available for re-use, unless there are specific reasons where it cannot be.
    • Deposit of materials will therefore require information from authors describing re-use permissions.
    • Library staff will work with authors to meet the requirements of funders, publishers and other sponsoring bodies, including stipulated embargo periods.
  1. In order to optimise personal and institutional impact from their publications authors must follow the guidelines for publications as described in the University’s Publication Protocol.
  1. Authors are also encouraged to deposit other forms of research output such as,  but not limited to;  monographs, book chapters, reports, working papers, links to video and audio representations, and post-publication corrections and updates.